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DEVON and Devonish typeface

A bindery may well have several brass fonts for finishing the cases of books. One such old but popular typeface is DEVON - a 19th century san-serif design for which there hasn't been a digital version - until now!

Why would a book-maker want a digitial version? to experiment with designs on-screen before committing to cloth; to get clients' approval; to create dies in a matching typeface; to use characters that aren't available in the bindery's brass letters.

I created a font that matches DEVON as closely as I could, working from an old catalogue of typefaces and some brass sets I have in my own bindery. There will inevitably be variations in the engraved letters from over 100 years of production (you can even buy new sets from P&S Engravers, Sussex, UK) so I have called this electronic version Devonish since it may not be a dead ringer for your own set - for example I find a little extra kerning is needed for a good match to my own sets of letters.

Devonish is released under the SIL Open Font licence. The latest version of the font will always be downloadable here

Devonish character set